The Poketo Glass Straws in Warm Set on a white background.
Over head shot of the Poketo Glass Straws in Warm Set on a white background next to a glass of drink and lemons. .
A straw from the Glass Straws in Warm Set in a glass of orange juice with flowers garnishing it and oranges in the background.
A straw from the Glass Straws in Warm Set in a glass of raspberry juice with orange rosed in the background.

Reusable glass straws that are durable enough to take with you anywhere. Environmentally sustainable and compact, this set of straws fights one-use plastic waste culture one sip at a time, anytime. Made with Borosilicate glass which is resistant to thermal shock, more so than any other common glass. Bring them with you wherever you go in its cloth bags & sturdy case. Also comes in Cool colors. 

Architectural Digest says:
These Chic Reusable Straws Are Incredibly Durable, Too
“Alas, I have a favorite straw and, shockingly, it’s glass. Initially, I got these Poketo glass straws because they look nice—the lovely array of cool and warm tones from green to blue and yellow to orange—but I was even more thrilled to find they are great for drinking and easy to maintain… I can stash them in a little travel case. I can keep them at my desk in a colorful bouquet. People will stop to tell you that you look extra nice when you’re sipping your iced coffee from them. They come with a nice little pipe cleaner–like a brush for easy washing, and at about $6 per straw, the payoff will come quick. Do the earth, your coffee, and your teeth a favor: Invest in these straws!”


  • Includes: 4 straws, cotton drawstring bag, 1 case, and a brush cleaner
  • Broscillate glass
  • Length: 7" (17.8cm) ; Diameter: 0.25" (0.6cm)



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