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This is a story about why we created Pattern.

Thanks for joining us. Make yourself comfortable.

After years of working together, we began to feel

We talked with friends and loved ones about what we were going through and realized it wasn't just us.

It was generational.

Social media, long work hours, and constant stimulation left us looking for fulfillment without the energy or attention to get there.

We began looking for ways to find enjoyment in everyday moments.

We used daily routines—patterns—to help us slow down during our free time.

Our focus shifted to activities at home like cooking, organizing our spaces, fixing things, or picking up a new hobby.

In these daily moments, we found chances to care for the things and people around us, be creative, and feel present.

Our lives didn’t change overnight. But little changes felt good, like a step in the right direction.

We wanted to create something to bring that feeling to a generation. We called it Pattern.

Each Pattern family brand helps you enjoy daily life through rewarding activities at home, with products and guidance that make it easier to get started and stay in the flow.

Finding enjoyment is a journey and we’re still on it. We hope you’ll come along.

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