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Introducing Open Spaces

Create space to enjoy
Today we are excited to launch Open Spaces, the second brand in the Pattern family.

Open Spaces is a home organization brand founded with the mission to help our community Create Space to Enjoy through our products and guidance. 

We offer a curated line of high-quality organization essentials designed to enhance your space. Each product is highly versatile, made from long-lasting materials, and has a lower environmental impact than alternatives. While organization products traditionally are meant to be hidden out of sight, ours function beautifully on display and can also be easily tucked away. 

Finding the right products is just the first step on the path to a more organized home. Open Spaces also offers holistic support and guidance free of charge to help you create and maintain strong organizational habits. In partnership with professional home organizers, we have developed an open-source, interactive 10-step guide and offer personalized 1:1 expert support to help you shape spaces that reflect your needs.

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Why We Chose Home Organization As Our Second Brand

Like many entrepreneurs, we were first inspired to build Open Spaces by frustrating experiences we had in our personal lives.

We think of our homes as an antidote to the stress of our lives, a counterpoint to our busy world, and a haven where we can reconnect with the important parts of our days: time with loved ones, rewarding activities, and downtime.

However, we realized that the reality of our home lives could often be quite stressful. Many of us were moving every year or two, throwing our routines and our belongings into chaos only to repeat the cycle. We collected more stuff over time, yet our spaces weren't growing. The complexity and scale of the challenges only grew as we got older and our lifestyles started changing: many of us started spending more time working at home, moved to new cities, started balancing responsibilities with our partners, and even started families.

What We Learned On Our Journey

As we read about the market, conducted our own consumer research, and listened to Pattern's growing community, we realized that we were far from alone:

  • 84% of Americans report feelings of stress about home organization (Huffington Post), and 60% reported they only organize when a space starts to affect their relationships or mood.
  • Millennials are more likely to live in cities longer, move more frequently than previous generations, and rent apartments instead of buying (Zillow and Nielsen).
  • 30% report having established organizational habits and routines.

Speaking with dozens of consumers across the country, we heard that staying organized can feel all-consuming, creating feelings of stress, helplessness, and even straining relationships:

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It's no surprise that the market for home organization is massive - estimated at $10.3 billion and growing 3.8% (Statista). But the solutions available today are surprisingly homogeneous:

  • Storage products are designed as commodities with basic functionality - not as design pieces that live in your home.
  • Variable quality is the norm - creating a cycle of using and disposing after every move.
  • Many items are sold in layers of packaging with single-use plastic wrapping, creating unnecessary waste.
  • Big-box stores offer massive assortments with tens of thousands of similar items to choose from - when what we all really need are a few well-designed, long-lasting items.

Why Open Spaces?

After months of research and testing different solutions, we found that when we set up our spaces to encourage what we enjoy, it immediately created a deeper sense of fulfillment. This realization led us to Open Spaces' mission: to help our generation find peace of mind at home by creating more space to enjoy.

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Our Products

Our design inspiration started with a simple question: how do we create home organization products that work with and enhance our spaces?

We were inspired by high-end design from around the world, including Scandinavia and Japan, whose sophisticated thinking about space we admired, and worked closely with our world-class industrial design partners at Branch to translate that inspiration into functional products that felt distinctly American.

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In order to design products that we would feel proud to display, we centered our design aesthetic around how to make a space feel more open. We chose soft curves over hard edges, warm materials like compressed felt and wood, and a neutral palette. We anchored our colors in lighter tones to invite light inside and open the space, and used a dark green to balance the palette with a pop of color, connect our brand with nature and Pattern, and help hide dirt on items designed for heavy use. All surfaces are kept matte to avoid harsh reflection of light and maintain a soft expression.

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We intentionally selected durable, long-lasting materials such as steel, felt, wood, and high-quality hard plastic and tested extensively to ensure our products could work across many different rooms, use cases, and home sizes. For example:

  • Our various sizes of Wire Baskets, Anywhere Bins, and Nesting Trays are designed to nest inside each other to create space when needed.
  • Our Underbed Storage Bins are designed to be modular and buildable with a unique rounded square shape: a set of two fit neatly under a sofa or twin bed, and four fit perfectly under a queen.
  • Our Shelf Riser can take on a second life outside the cabinet, creating extra space on a countertop, bookshelf, or functioning as a computer stand (a favorite in our office).

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It is important to us that the products we put out into the world are made responsibly to reduce our impact on the environment. Our sustainability philosophy has two pillars: material selection and durability.

First, we tried to be as responsible as possible in our material selection. We sourced post-consumer, post-industrial, and recycled materials for our products and aimed to make our products and packaging recyclable as well. Our leather detailing is sourced from a Leather Working Group gold-rated tannery, and we use no single-use plastics in any of our products or packaging. 

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Our second criteria is that our products are durable and long-lasting, so you can consume and waste less over time. Our goal is not for you to replace our products every move; rather, we designed each item to successfully move and grow with you over time.

Our hope is that our products support and enhance your space as it evolves. Whether you're looking to organize, decorate, reduce clutter, or showcase items that are most meaningful to you, we are here to help.

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Our Guidance

At Pattern, we believe that our relationships with consumers should extend beyond commerce. With each brand we build, we believe in forming deep and personal relationships with our community through guidance and support. This concept - which we are calling direct with consumer - is integral to our mission.

When we began researching guidance in home organization, we were overwhelmed by the content ecosystem. There is so much advice out there with big ideas to help you transform your space. We had heard from consumers that they wanted advice that felt personalized to them, but few had even heard of professional organizers - which offer high-quality, targeted advice but can often cost hundreds of dollars for a consultation.

Over several months, we ran a series of experiments with consumers to hone in on what guidance and support looked like for Open Spaces. We even used an alias brand complete with a website and paid advertisements to drive traffic that offered a variety of different home organization solutions to users. We tested different ideas and analyzed qualitative feedback and quantitative engagement data to hone in on our approach.

Our biggest learning was that for home organization, the #1 issue consumers wanted us to solve was how to create and maintain sustainable habits. Unlike cooking, we already have a lot of the knowledge needed to organize but struggle to find the space and time to consistently translate it into action.

In response, we collaborated with NAPO-certified home organization experts to develop an approach we call The Open Spaces Way: an interactive 10-step guide to creating and maintaining an organized home:

  • The Open Spaces Way is meant to be human, flexible, and sustainable and can be applied to any room, living situation, or degree of organization.
  • Each step is full of resources like instructional audio recordings, interactive exercises, and tips and tricks.
  • To achieve our mission of helping as many people as possible Create Space to Enjoy, we have made our guide available on our site for everyone to access free of charge.

OS 10steps ALT

Open Spaces is also here to help answer any specific questions you may face in your organization journey. Whether you need a second opinion on how to organize your closet or are looking for your nearest donation center, we have NAPO-trained organization professionals standing by to offer personalized advice. Creating space to enjoy is a journey, and we are here to support along the way.

Join Us

Thank you to the hundreds of consumers who invited us into their homes and openly shared their experiences, anxieties and vulnerabilities - including many members of our Pattern and Equal Parts communities. We could not have built Open Spaces without you.

Thank you to our family and friends, who endured months of product testing and rearranging our closets and are patient with us in our messier moments. We are excited to continue our organization journey together.

We all deal with clutter. But one step at a time, you can create space to enjoy - we promise.

What will you create space for?


Katy Marshall

General Manager, Pattern Brands


Open Spaces | www.getopenspaces.com | @getopenspaces

A Pattern Family Brand | www.patternbrands.com | @patternbrands

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