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Hi, we’re Pattern.

Welcome to our home. Make yourself comfortable.

We started Pattern to help our generation enjoy daily life.

A culture of long work hours, constant stimulation, and social media has left many of us in a state of burnout. As a result, our generation has lost enjoyment in everyday moments — the simple pleasure of doing something (or even nothing) for the joy of it, rather than the end result of improving oneself. We’re on a mission to bring this back.

We’re building every brand around a core set of values.

While pursuing our mission, we’re guided by five core values. They represent our character, our process, and how we push ourselves to be better.






We’re creating a community around Pattern.

From day one, we’ve committed to building our brands direct with consumer by creating a dialogue with our community. Our goal is to create deeper, more personal relationships with each consumer so we can best serve their needs through our family of brands. Talk to us on Instagram and sign up for our mailing list to join the conversation.

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Every Pattern brand is a Give One brand.

Each Pattern brand will commit one percent of revenue to neighborhood-based organizations through an initiative called Give One. We created Give One as an extension of the Pattern family to help communities around the country better enjoy daily life. This year, we started in our own backyard with Two Bridges Neighborhood Council.

"Behind their success, the team at Pattern care about their community. Whether through direct giving, strategic support, or pro bono work, their passion and creativity have shined as valued partners to us in the neighborhood."
- July Yang, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

Our Team

We’re on a mission to help our generation enjoy daily life. Join our team.

Our Team

We’re on a mission to help our generation enjoy daily life. Join our team.

We're supported by a bright, collaborative team of investors and angels including:

Kleiner Perkins
Primary Ventures
RRE Ventures

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

We’re excited to build a family of brands that can have a profound impact on the daily lives of a generation.

In our own experiences, we used daily routines—patterns—to encourage slowing down during our free time. Although our lives didn’t change overnight, it felt like a step in the right direction.

It’s the beginning of a journey that we’re excited to share with you.

Thank you,

Emmett Shine,

Nick Ling,

Camille Baldwin,
Founding Team

Dan Kenger,
Founding Team

Suze Dowling,
Founding Team

Chaz Flexman,
Founding Team

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